One day bus ticket

Ticketing details

Currently, buses in Lianjiang County have normal services in Nangan and Beigan. There are currently no bus services in Juguang and Dongyin.

The Lianjiang County Public Vehicle and Boat Management Office issues bus one-day tour tickets and prints bus timetables. Passengers can use the purchased tickets to take the Nan and Beigan shuttle buses as many times as they want within the day to explore the local scenery.
Ticket price: 50 yuan each (no discount tickets)
Ticket sales method: The bus driver will sell tickets on the bus and provide the bus timetable.
Service hotline: 0836-25755 (Nangan Station), 0836-56358 (Beigan Station)

Ride instructions

Each bus trip in Matsu is a round-the-island route. For Nangan, it is from Jieshou to Magang. For Beigan, it is from Tangqi to Baisha. The one-way ticket for each section is NT15. In Nangan area, please get off and pay. In Beigan area, please get off and pay. Please get on the bus and pay in the area.

You can insert coins or swipe your EasyCard (please go to 7-Eleven® to top up your EasyCard), or you can buy a NT50 one-day pass from the bus driver.

How to check the bus timetable? Take the following Nangan bus schedule as an example (please also refer to the bus stop markings on the Nangan map):

Mountain 07:00 Jieshou Winery-Renai-Jinsha-Zhongshanmen Magang Ocean 07:20 Magang Pearl Snail-Qingshui-Fuwo Jieshou

This bus departs from Jieshou Bus Station. Please be sure to arrive at the bus station before 7 o'clock.
Matsu's buses are quite punctual. If you miss them, you can only see the bus's exhaust pipe saying goodbye to you from a distance.
This class will take the mountain route, that is, they will go from Jieshou to the county government to the winery.
Please note that it does not pass through the airport, which means this bus will not go around the airport.
This means that if you want to go to other attractions in Matsu after getting off the plane, you have to walk about 10 minutes to the winery stop to catch a bus.
Then when passing through Zhongxing Ridge, you will turn into Renai Village, and then return to the mountain line from Renai Village.
Can passengers who want to go from Jieshou to Hailine take this bus? The answer is yes.
As long as you don't get off at Magang, it will depart from Magang and go to Zhuluo-Qingshui Village-Fuwo-Jieshou (it will not enter the airport)
If you want to go to a specific village (such as Siwei Village), you have to take a special bus!
Remember to ask before getting on the bus whether it is the mountain line or the sea line. Each stop is only 1 to 2 minutes apart. Remember to ring the bell before getting off!


Comparison of attractions and station names

The following is a comparison of the names of attractions and stations. If you want to go to the attraction, you must get off at these stations (the stations that are originally attractions have been deducted)

Attractions bus station Attractions bus station
vegetable park County government station Beihai Tunnel, Dahan Stronghold Nangan Visitor Center, Renai
Old Wine DIY four dimensional iron castle benevolence

Mazu Tianhou Temple, Sword Monument,

Mazu Religious and Cultural Park


Fu'ao Pier

(Take a boat to other islands and small three links)

Shoten Park Water storage and fertile  

Beigan's bus departs from Tangqi every hour on the hour, arrives at Baisha Port before half o'clock, and then returns to Tangqi.
Small reminder: The Baisha Port bus stop is located behind the waiting room of Baisha Port. Remember to walk behind the waiting room to catch the bus!